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About Us

Vatmedical Hair Transplantation and Beauty center provides hair transplantation service with scientific and technical superiority. Hair Transplant Organization aims to the happiness of its patients by combining hair transplantation with customer care services like Booking Hotel and free hospitality services. It is an organization that acts with meticulous and legal responsibility in terms of physicians, Hospital and Health Personnel. Our operations are performed comfortably in a sterile medical centre. Needle-free painless and painless customer satisfaction has been maximized.

Hair Transplantation is an art combined with Health and Aesthetics. In order to perform this art, it has a structure that meets all the needs of people who have problems with baldness and provides all services including hair care, and keeps its work focused on customer satisfaction with its personal price policy.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most trusted and preferred Hair and beauty medical center in Africa with its scientific Research-Development studies and pioneer clinical applications.

Our mission

Our Mission is to enhance life quality of our clients by bringing them with treatment methods compliant with their needs, experienced physicians and professional methods.

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